Schneider TeSys T

TeSys T is a motor management system that provides full motor monitoring, control, and protection when used with short circuit protection and a contactor. It manages most critical processes while reducing downtime and increasing productivity as well as predicts what will happen in the process, as it accurately monitors current, voltage, and power over a wide range. This motor management system is also a flexible system that supports six communication protocols which are Modbus™, CANopen, DeviceNet™, Profibus™, Ethernet/IP, and Modbus/TCP. TeSys T motor management system consist of several components which include the LTMR controller, the expansion module, HMI and software along with several accessories. The LTMR controller is the main component of the system that manages the basic functions. This includes the measurement of the ground current, motor temperature, three phase current of the motor, the controller also includes logic inputs and outputs which is used in fault management. The expansion module is directly connected to the controller and provides additional inputs as well as measure the voltage between the phases which allow the controller the monitor additional functions. TeSys T is highly reliable and has a very long product life thanks to a state-of-the-art component selection, to the all in one design and to the advanced electronic protection. TeSys T can be integrated in many different types of harsh environment such as dusty atmospheres, marine applications, high vibration applications and corrosive atmospheres and is used in Metal/Mining/Mineral, Oil & Gas, Water Wastewater. This is a TeSys T LTMR controller that measure current range of 0.4-8A with a supply voltage of 100-240 Vac and uses CANopen as the communication protocol. This controller measures temperature, phase current, imbalance current, average current and earth-fault current. The dimensions of this device are 61 mm (H) X 91 mm (W) X 122.5 mm (D) and it weighs 0.53 kg.

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